About Upton Cantonese

Will and Carmen opened this takeaway over thirty years ago as a young couple, with Will manning the woks and Carmen at the front serving customers. The service has always been simple and honest – to provide high quality, freshly prepared Chinese food at affordable prices.

As Will and Carmen’s family grew (with Carmen taking orders at one point with a baby bump), so did the business. The menu expanded from British Chinese classics to include more authentic dishes from the Peking and Szechuan regions. The takeaway became a familiar spot in the Upton community. Locals from the social club next door would pop in for food, and young people from the neighbourhood looking for their first jobs found work on the counter. Word of mouth spread, and the takeaway has become one of the most popular in Torbay.

Having been around for so long, a loyal group of customers has been built, some who first ordered when they were much younger but are now regulars with families of their own.
Although much has changed (Will is now slightly more prone to backache after a busy night in the kitchen), some things have stayed the same. Will oversees the sourcing of ingredients, every sauce and seasoning mix is mindfully prepared and the food is skilfully whipped up in traditional cast iron woks.

Try the food and you will taste the difference.

If you have any specific dietary requirements or if you would like to try something new and want a recommendation, we will be more than happy to help.